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A Game of Queens completes the trilogy in which one of the greatest players of our time transforms her personal journey to the top into a roadmap for everyone who ever wanted to better themselves in the game of chess. This volume covers the period from 2001 until the present day. These were the years when Judit was in the Top Ten in the world, and facing the likes of Kasparov, Karpov, Korchnoi and Anand.

Judit Polgar has been ranked 1st on the Women’s rating list from 1989 to the present day. In 2005 she became the only woman in chess history to participate in the World Championship final.

The first volume How I Beat Fischer’s Record won the 2013 ECF Book of the Year prize and the second volume From GM to Top Ten was the ACP Book of the Year for 2014.

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„A Game of Queens completes the trilogy detailing Judit’s phenomenal career and it’s just as good as the rest!

Whole chapters on Kasparov, Karpov, Korchnoi and Anand… all filled with games of mind-breaking complexity – what a career! Nothing more to say really – buy, admire and enjoy! 5 stars!“

GM Matthew Sadler, New in Chess,  ***** Instant classic

„Judit Polgar, the all-time best woman, reveals that the game with Gelfand from the 2009 World Cup inspired her to write her autobiography. The result is her amazing trilogy Judit Polgar Teaches Chess.“

GM Lubomir Kavalek, Huffington Post

„What makes this series special is Polgar’s annotations which are accessible to a wide range of playing strengths. She achieves this by including not only concrete variations as needed, but also a great deal of explanatory prose which is not only instructive but also entertaining.

It’s rare to find a chess book, let alone a series, that will appeal to such a wide range of players. Some will like it for the annotated games, others for the stories, observations and photos. Most will like everything about this book and series about one of the greatest players and ambassadors the game of chess has ever known.“

IM John Donaldson

„A Game of Queens blurs the boundaries between luxury book, memoir and instructive chess manual. Quality Chess have spared no expense with their production, which sees the material augmented by a very clear layout, numerous photographs (the one on page 9, showing Judit with the happy triumvirate of Karpov, Kasparov and Korchnoi, is particularly appealing), and a splendid hardcover version. Given the celebratory nature of the tome, it should have a solid, general appeal and readers will be able to enjoy it regardless of their playing strength.“

Sean Marsh, CHESS magazine

„How I Beat Fischer’s Record won the 2013 ECF Book of the Year prize, and From GM to Top Ten was the ACP Book of the Year for 2014. A Game of Queens is sure to join these as an award winner as well…

A Game of Queens is more forthcoming than many other chess biographies, and therefore more interesting as well. Along with deep analysis of great games, Polgar shares her thoughts, opinions, and feelings on a wide variety of topics. There are many photographs throughout the book, too, not just the obligatory across-the-board, facing-the-opponent pictures, but private shots that allow the reader to feel as if they have gotten to know her on a personal level.

My assessment of this product: 6/6“

Brian Almeida, ChessCafe (full review)

“A Game of Queens is a very successful work. Primarily the readers enjoys excellent entertainment. At the same time he learns something about Judit Polgar as a player and a character. Without hesitation I recommend the book.“

Uwe Bekemann, Rochade Europa

„This nearly 400-page book is full of brilliant games annotated by Judit, but also with anecdotes and photos. The book is not only enjoyable, but the amateur chess player can really learn a lot from it.“

Bab Wilders, Nederlands Dagblad

“A must-have for every chesslover!”

Heinz Däubler, Neuer Tag Weiden

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