Chess for kids and parents

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Frábær kennslubók fyrir foreldra sem vilja kenna börnunun sínum skák. Farið í öll grunnatriði skáklistarinnar. Þægilega uppsett 224 bls bók.

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It is widely accepted that learning chess has a very positive effect on children. Many parents want to help their children to study chess, but don’t know how to do it. This book is the solution. It is a practical handbook that teaches the mysteries of chess with a light touch.

All rules and aspects of the game are covered. This book will help children progress from absolute beginners to playing in tournaments.

Heinz Brunthaler has his background in business. For the last twenty years he has been involved in many aspects of chess, including organising more than a hundred international tournaments. Now he focuses on writing chess books, especially those designed to help novices.


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