The King’s Gambit

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Þessi er geggjuð. (680 blaðsíður)

Verðlaunbók Chess Publishing. Þessi bók er klassísk og flott „leynivopn“.

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Þessi er geggjuð. (680 blaðsíður)

Verðlaunbók Chess Publishing. Þessi bók er klassísk og flott „leynivopn“.

There was a golden era when The King’s Gambit was the favourite opening of every attacking player. In the glory days of Paul Morphy it was considered almost cowardly to play anything else. Legends such as Spassky and Bronstein kept the flame burning in the 20th century, but its popularity faded as players became distrustful of White’s ultra-aggressive approach. Nevertheless there are honourable exceptions whose games prove that this ancient weapon can still draw blood – Short, Nakamura and Zvjaginsev are world-class players who have used the King’s Gambit successfully. In this groundbreaking work, GM John Shaw shows that the ultimate Romantic chess opening remains relevant and dangerous even in the computer era.

GM John Shaw has been Scottish Champion three times. This is his most ambitious book to date, and was many years in the making.

ChessPublishing Opening Book of the Year 2013

„John Shaw’s long-awaited Magnum Opus The King’s Gambit is an impressively objective attempt at covering one of the sharpest openings.“

GM Michael Adams, Daily Telegraph

„The King’s Gambit is a fantastic publication that is clearly the result of a tremendous amount of work by Shaw, for which he deserves immense credit. It’s not a book for passing the time on public transport, but if the reader is willing to put in the effort to really digest the analysis, there’s a lot to be gained. I’m very curious to see whether this publication will spark a revival of the once fashionable opening at the top level; I can confess that the book has inspired at least one grandmaster of dubious repute to add it to his repertoire…“

GM David Smerdon, ChessVibes

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