Under the Surface by Jan Markos

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The most significant difference between a grandmaster and a club player is not simply that the grandmaster calculates more accurately, but rather that he sees more deeply. This book invites you beneath the surface, where you can learn to navigate the depths of chess. Jan Markos shows how a strong player perceives chess, which features of a position he focuses on, and how he thinks at the board.

The author’s philosophy is that understanding chess brings pure happiness, and he would like to share this happiness with you.

Jan Markos is a grandmaster and former European Under-16 Champion. He has won the Slovakian Championship twice and played for Slovakia at six Olympiads. He lives in Bratislava with his wife and two children.

“In his new book, GM Jan Markos focuses on important, yet often neglected, aspects of chess. He deals with this interesting and difficult topic excellently, making fine use of his chess and teaching abilities. The book is highly readable and belongs among the best chess books I have read in recent years. Although the book is intended to be read by amateurs, even grandmasters will find it interesting and useful. If you want to learn more about chess and don’t mind thinking independently, this is the book for you.” GM David Navara

English Chess Federation’s Book of the Year 2018

288 pages – Published (hardcover) 28th March 2018


5/5 Stars “An incredibly creative book… Markos has a host of original ideas about all sorts of chess topics and a wonderfully witty and enthusiastic way of bringing them across… another fantastic book from Quality Chess!”

GM Matthew Sadler, New in Chess

„It’s not about just one topic, but what goes on behind the thinking.“

GM Vidit Gujrathi, ChessBase India (full review)

„A really original and creative work!“

GM Karsten Müller

„A fascinating book with much original instruction.“

Bab Wilders, Nederlands Dagblad

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