Leap digital klukka (FIDE APPROVED)

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Description of DT20 Digital Chess Clock

1. Complies with all FIDE clock regulations

2. Correctly implement official FIDE time control

3. Add 2nd period time only after 1st period time expires if 40th move made

4. Color on lever indicates side to move, visible from 10 meters

5. 33 pre-programmed settings to cater for all types of games

6. Special user “00” setting with 4 separate time periods

7. Special user “99” to keep your alterations of the 33 settings

8. Easy to change time during game

9.  All user parameters kept when battery removed for short time

10 .Move counter operational in all settings

Frekari upplýsingar

Þyngd 0.3 kg
Ummál 16 × 7 × 6 cm


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