Reproduced 1849 4,5″ Acacia Boxwood lúxus taflmenn frá Indlandi

42.900 kr.

Þetta gerist ekki mikið betra en þetta. Glæsilegt handskorið sett frá Indlandi. Passar á borð no 6 og indversku borðin.

Algjört stofudjásn eða falleg gjöf!

Hæð á kóng: 11.1cm

Viður:- Acacia Boxwood, Padauk Boxwood

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„If you’re looking for the ultimate in original Staunton design chess pieces then this set will not disappoint.

These chess pieces are meticulously hand-carved and turned and finished to the highest benchmark quality. Using natural grained Ebony ( no chemicals used) and natural Boxwood.

We are renowned for making superb reproduction chess sets and boards so it’s no surprise that our latest installment exceeds and delivers what can only be described as the finest Staunton design chess pieces ever reproduced. Our team of designers and craftsmen have reproduced a Jaques set circa 1849.

The attention to detail is incredible, the carving of the knights, in particular, is just superb. The finishing of these hand-carved and turned pieces is sublime.

The set features a king-size at 4.5″. The pieces are core-weighted and felted.“


Hæð á kóng: 11.1cm

Viður:- Acacia Boxwood, Padauk Boxwood

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Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 7 cm


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