The Nimzo-Indian Bible for White – Volume 2

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The Nimzo-Indian Bible for White – Volume 2

• The Nimzo-Indian Defense has been one of the most trusted defenses against 1.d4.
• It combines fast development with a solid pawn structure, control over the center and great flexibility.
• This book supplies an unique repertoire built upon positional principles, offering active piece play and a fight for the initiative.
• This ground-breaking and well-structured book presents a new look at the Nimzo-Indian for White.
• Playing this opening requires a thorough positional understanding, the author shows you how to implement his new ideas in the best ways possible.
• Milos Pavlovic presents fresh ideas in the various continuations, as well as quite a few novelties and previously unknown resources for both Black and White.

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I have worked with the best, or perhaps it’s better to say that I have learned from the best; that’s how I can best describe this book, because I spent some time with Svetozar Gligoric in the early 2000s and the Nimzo-Indian was also present. I can’t really say that we went into great detail, but we certainly did discuss various
systems. This book in particular is about the Rubinstein 4.e3 systems. Some of the material has been analyzed in my earlier book on the QGD and Nimzo, while some other material is presented in Volume 1 in this short series, which covers the Nimzo with 4.Bd2 and 4.Qc2. From other published books I used Gligoric’s book on the Nimzo-Indian and Ivan Sokolov’s book on the Nimzo with 4.e3. I found both books useful.

I need to give one explanation here and it’s about the Tal Variation because that system is treated also in my Volume 1, where I analyze the 4.Bd2 line.
In this Volume 2 I have omitted all positions where White places a bishop on d2 early in the game, while Volume 1 deals exclusively with an early bishop to d2 move by White.

I hope readers will enjoy both of those books.

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